Monday, June 7, 2010

Teach the Controversy?

"Teach the controversy"


"Evolution VS Creationism"

We hear this phrases said in scholastic circles all over North America. Sounds reasonable doesn't it?

Isn't it?

If there are two sides of a debate on a subject, shouldn't we be teaching our children both sides and then allowing them to make up their own minds? At the very least giving them the knowledge and teaching them the logical abilities they will require to study the facts and partake in the debate? Shouldn't we avoid isolating one side merely because it is the one that we accept when there are other facts available?

The answer is yes.

A resounding yes.

I will say it one more time...


Now let me elaborate.

There was one word in that paragraph that was vitally important.

Can you see which one it is?


IF there are two sides.

IF there are other facts.


When speaking about evolution and creationism, there simply is no other side.

On one side is all of the world's scientists who have studied and labored to refine or refute the theory of evolution while never having the theory fail.
Not once.

On the other side are undereducated religious naysayers who posit ridiculous claims about the falsity of the theory of evolution. Their claims range from the ridiculous (re: croco-ducks) to arguments from incredulity (re: "I aint no monkey!") to arguments from ignorance that sound very convincing to those who aren't schooled in evolution (Re: That the law of thermodynamics refutes evolution (side note- It doesn't)).

The problem is that these are all born from a lack of scientific knowledge.

And in an argument about SCIENCE, the debate, ANY debate has to be between people who have a solid understanding of what they are talking about.

In other words;


Sorry creationists, there is no controversy, and you don't get a "side" until you are learned in the subject in which you attempt to debate.

The problem is that, once you learn about the scientific facts, you won't think there is a debate either!

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