Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Atheist Evolution- Hate Mail

I thought it would be entertaining to post some hate mail that I have received over the last year, and to look forward to more great examples of theistic love in the year to come.

What surprises me about my hate mail, is just how vitriolic is gets at times.  I try to be very respectful, rational and reasonable in my posts and never use profanity or insults in responding to people who write to me in response to articles that I have written.  So when I get some of the more hateful letters and realize that they are not responding to my articles at all, but merely attacking me as a person, I get confused (and to be honest, more than a bit entertained).

Let's move on to story time;

 (* I have corrected for spelling and grammar for the most part, for the sake of readability)

This one is by a fellow called "Darwinisatwink";

"anyone who says one word of disrespect to God should be put to death. People like you are PWNED by Satan. Which means watch out for that gang of home brothers from the hood. They carry big knives. Justice is often carried out by criminals unknowingly working for Satan."

He is actually saying that he hopes that I will be attacked and killed by gangbangers working for Satan (who is clearly defending God.)  Doesn't that mean that God lets Satan do his dirty work and that the gang is by extension, working for God?


Here is another one by "solariis888";

"You stupid fuck, how dare you call the bible immoral. You are the immoral sack of shit and your blasphomy will be punished in hell. Simple as that fool."
Well, he's certainly convinced me.  Apparently it's as simple as that!

This one was a poster who just wouldn't stop with his hatred.  I received more than a dozen from this little gem named "Saynotodarwin";

"You are no better than Charles Manson and are probably worse if the truth be known. You have disrespected the godly. I sentence you to hell. You will die this year, before January 1. God will judge you and put you right in hell. You are a detriments to your grade school, for you are a fifth grader, nothing more.' "

Apparently he is the jury for God almighty!  He has sentenced me to death and hell.  I had to include this one because it is now January 4rth.  His sentence is a bit late in taking effect.  Ugh, Jesus is late AGAIN!

There are others still that go on and on with scripture and preaching and then end with;

Thank you "DarwinsBSdog" for that one.

Others are just nonsense from the start (Darwinisadink);

"idiots like you will fail. You shall die of AIDSm all nuts are homer sect shules."


There are others which are far more common, but to me, the most entertaining (holisticgod);

"If you want to live your life judging things solely by what is REAL, and accepting only facts as truth, then you will miss out on everything that is good in this universe.  Then you will burn and die in hell for not loving it in the first place.  Hope you are ok with that"

This was one of my favourites.  She is actually deriding me for judging things based on them being REAL and TRUE.   Hilarious!

I get a LOT of these ones (Repentorburnbaby)

"True men who fight for their country are always the Christians. We saved the world for you, you butt nuts. USA all the way. We are the ones with a great Christian country that saved the world.  There are no atheists in the military, you are not a soldier, you are too cowardly for that and I hope that you get captured and tortured by the Taliban.  Who will you scream for then?  No one will hear you scum!" 
Um, didn't he just get finished telling me that I wasn't a soldier? 

There are many more, but I just wanted to share a small portion of them, and share the joy and ironic smiles that I had in reading such irrational and nonsensical letters.

Not sure what the point was in writing them, but I am pretty sure that they didn't acheive it.

Message to the haters; 
Do you realize that you convince me and those like me, with each hateful word, that I have made the right decision? 

Do you realize that you are giving a perfect example of "Christian Love"or how "peaceful" islam is, each time you write?

Please respond to the criticisms specifically or know that you are only adding to the mountain of hateful theists that give credence to the sterotype of "hateful theists" that abounds in our circles.

If you don't care about that, then keep 'em comin', we all need a good laugh.




  1. Homer...sect...shules??? Is that some Simpsons fan club that I don't know about? OMG (refers to Oversized Male Genitalia, of course)...thanks for the giggle! Just what I needed after a long evening shift at work.

  2. Some of them are FAR more unintelligable than that one. All text speak and nonsense. lol

  3. I couldn't stop laughing at, not only the improper spelling and grammar, but at how horrible these "religious" people are when it comes to defending themselves. I mean, they are attacking you as a person and without real attacks. Most of them seem to contradict themselves.
    It's so very sad.
    But works for great laughs, haha.

  4. I really want to laugh at the absurdity of these hateful messages, but they make me sad. Mostly because someone taught these people to hate in this way, and they will likely pass that hate on to their own children--while calling it "God's love."

  5. No atheist in the military? Then what have I been enlisted in for the last 8 years?

  6. Well, I can say as a military veteran I am an atheist. I love how these so called "Followers of God" can't even follow the MAIN POINT of their new testament handed down by Jesus himself: Love thy neighbor". It's actually rather funny how blindly violent and venomous these people are, not realizing that they are exactly the opposite of what their sky genie wants them to be.

    Man, I love hypocrisy. There's no point in trying to reason with these thick-skulled twits. They shun science but refuse to give up all that the findings of science has given us in history. They claim to be peaceful but nearly all wars have been waged in the name of religion. A woman recently choked a puppy to death over chewing on her bible... These people are clearly delusional, some even insane.