Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Atheist Haiku of the Month- Valentines Edition

Love is not Gods gift
It's a gift between great people
Don't waste it on myths

(I love you Carla)


  1. Doesn't matter whether you believe or not, pal, you're still gonna croak - we’re all in this together, we’re all doing our lifelong demise; then, while our mortal bodies are recycled after our Finite Existence, our indelible soul rises-up to be judged at the General Judgment. Here’s the point I want you to consider before you leave this world: sex in Heaven. Why the (a-hem) not?? The Trinity is just as happy you made it to the realm where we can have anything we desire for eternity rather than the realm where we can have absolutely nuthin; if Almighty God provides everything else, why not passionate, intimate love make’n or a quickie for the length of eternity? Besides worship on ‘Sunday’, dunno bout you, but I want that. See, God knew the ol El Diablo would lie like a rug and trick U.S. into believing love make’n wouldn’t be possible in Heaven, so why not git a buncha ho’s and condemn yourself? Lookit Eminem. ‘Sex is just for earth’ you say? WRONG. If you have the desire, anything and everything is possible in the Great Beyond. So, dream big, America. God loves that. God loves U.S. to ‘pull Him down outta the sky’ and fantasize about where we’re going. God can and will provide if we have a seed of faith. God will water. I have faith in you, too. God bless you with discernment. -1 Peter 4:8-

  2. Oh yes? Sounds like you are either making a lot of assumptions about what god does and doesn't like/think/and do or you are simply making things up OR god calls you at home to chat with his good buddy and reveal to you all the secrets that were even too heavy for the bible. You are one lucky guy to have access to information that no one else in the history of man has ever had.

    OR you are just full of shit.

    What evidence do you have for any of that nonsense??

    I'll tell you.


  3. @Kold_Kadavr_flatliner - What an ::ahem:: odd comment. Heaven's gate to an orgy party? Hmmmm ... now THERE'S something new to think about. On second thought, I'm going to think about what to make for dinner instead. Food is real and easier to digest ;)

    @J - I'm thinking ^ was joking.

  4. Hmmm, maybe. I hope not though, because that would mean that I completely missed the sarcasm indicators. I get so used to nonsense being posted that I can't differentiate between sarcasm and foolishness.

    ugh, the life of a blogger...