Monday, September 5, 2011

Atheist Haiku of the Month- New School Year Edition

Want prayer in Schools?
Sure, let Johnny make room for
Satanists and Wiccans


  1. I wonder if you think Drugs on school grounds, alcohol, Teachers sleeping with students, Higher drop out rates, Easier standards to graduate are serious factors we need to look at also, when looking at our education system?

    Or do you go by the "It's only wrong if it involves Christianity" motto?

  2. Your comment is nonsensical as prayer has nothing to do with any of the issues that you listed. Even if you could show how that they did relate to prayer, my point would remain. If one religion can have the teachers lead prayer during class, then they ALL can regadless of their faith. Want satanists praying beside your little johnny? How about wiccans? Or cultists?

    No? Likely not. So what makes your religious rights more important than theirs?
    Or than the unbelievers?

    That is the point. If you want your kids to pray, pray with them and tell them that they are free to pray openly at any time as long as they aren't disrupting class but you can't ask teachers to lead it nor can it be school policy to do so.

    Do it all you want. But if you get the school involved then they have to respect everyones rights an pray for all the religions, not just the ones you like.

    Satanism anyone? It's your choice.