Friday, November 4, 2011


It has been over a month since I have written anything, and there has been a lot to write about that I have missed.  I have been waylaid by life and my hearts insistence not to work as it should. 

It's been a bad month for sickness as I have been in and out of the hospital all month with either Bronchitis or with heart issues.

Even still the mail keeps coming.  I have had an influx of emails from angry Christians wanting to know why I don't target other religions like I do Christianity (which I feel I do) and angry Muslims trying to convince me through a skewed understanding of science that it agrees with the Korans "science" (I have always found "retrospecitve science apologetics" very strange) and still others just telling me that I am worthless and not "worth even a penny".  (Which he recanted as an insult after I called him on it by saying that we are ALL "Unworthy and worthless without Jesus", which we both knew was not what he meant)

WE'RE UNWORTHY! (You think that's what he meant?)

This sort of hateful email only serves to enbolden my motivation to speak out and try to make this conversation normal.  It is more important than ever to make EVERYTHING open to critique. 

If an ideology is immune from criticism, then it is free to do as it wishes under the protective veil of "respecting their belief". 

Can't we just get along?

This can't be allowed to continue.  We have to be able to judge each and every idea by it's own merits openly, especially when it is something that affects our daily lives as religion does. 

If we aren't open to point out moral and ideological flaws in ideas of any kind, then those ideas are left (as are the people who espouse them) open to some very bad and potentially very harmful information with no method by which to examine the morality of those ideas. 

So keep talking, and keep writing.

*cough cough*

and I apologize for my absence.  Here we go, picking up where we left off.....

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