Monday, January 23, 2012

Quote of the Week- Chael Sonnen

Now only 99% full of shit

"You know, these guys want to talk about God. 'Oh, I want to thank God. I want to thank God.' Listen, I'm a God-fearing man, go to church every Sunday and have since I was a boy. But if I ever found out that God cared one way or another about a borderline illegal fist-fight on Saturday night, I would be so greatly disappointed that it would make rethink my entire belief system."

-Chael Sonnen

For a public figure who is a 4 out of 5 on the Mel Gibson crazy scale I can't disagree with him on this one.  It is a pet peeve for me when sports figures arrogantly claim that the supposed creator of the universe actually cares about the outcome of a sporting event.  To think that he cares SO much that he would cheat by lending a helping hand to one special team or even one special player that he favours over the others is outrageous. 

You mean Jesus isn't a Broncos fan?

For them to think that their God loves them more than the other players, or that he loved them enough to give them this athletic prowress while leaving the rest of us lacking is not only arrogant, but it displays how much about a persons belief in god is self serving and self imposed. 

God didn't help you win, your coaches did. 

Your teammates did.

Your own hard work did.

To say anything else is ego-centric and ridiculous. (not to mention how much it actually demeans the concept of "God")

So even though you and I are usually on opposite sides of the "God Fence" Chael, we can agree on this one.  Thanking your god for a win is arrogant, and narcissistic, and it paints a pretty ugly picture of your God. 

Now you can go back to being crazy Chael.

Did I mention that I am crazy?

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