Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ironic Creationist Quotes- Rev Kevin Flynn

Irony?  Isn't that when OTHER people say things that are contradict their own points?

"The point is that atheists have erred in what they are talking about when they attack Christianity. I agree with atheists who scorn crude or superstitious versions of Christianity."

Yes Reverend, but I think that where we disagree is that it is ALL superstitious.  As soon as an attempt to describe the forces that created the universe stops being superstitious, it becomes SCIENCE.

 Billy the Bookworm says that "Superstition" is a belief or notion, not based on reason or knowledge, in or of the ominous significance of a particular thing, circumstance, ocurance, proceeding, or the like. (1)

Anything that is perported intellectually without reasonably objective supporting evidence is, by definition, superstition. 

Sorry Reverend but your religion is no more or less superstitious than those who believe that a spaceship is coming to gather up the chosen from behind a meteor....

.....on second thought, I have changed my mind.  It IS more superstitious than that, because at least THAT claim can be verified or debunked with the proper tools. 

What Christianity provides is the ultimate superstitious snow job.

All the answers, but none of the explanations.

Believe in the Word contained in the Bible.  How do you know that word is true?

It says so on page 421
 If the only evidence that you can provide would also support any of the other tens of thousands of gods (and possibly a few other literary fictional characters as well) then you can hardly call YOUR belief anything BUT superstitious.


.....maybe YOU can.

And that my friends, is irony.

Rev Kevin Flynn is an Anglican priest and director of the Anglican studies program at Saint Paul University.

1- Superstition definition found at Dictionary.com

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