Sunday, November 25, 2012

Quote of the Week- Louis CK

As a red head I have no soul, so it is ok for me to mock God!

"It's in the 10 commandments not to take the Lord's name in vain, RAPE isn't up there by the way. Rape is not a 10 commandment. But don't say his name with a shitty attitude!"

Very true Louis.  No thinking person thinks that the 10 commandments are a a good moral guide. Is the God of all things, and the creator of the universe really that bothered by having his name said in anger? Are his feelings really hurt if someone says it with a "shitty attitude"??

What is he 5?

No, come on now be serious. I'm 7000.... just a bit older than the earth.

Why no admonition against rape?

Because God thinks that Rape is the shit!

How else can I get girls to have sex with my  peeps?

Clearly that is not a view that is shared by the general populace.... for good reason.
It is more important to not say his name without hurting his feelings than it is to protect half of the population from the violent misogynistic victimization of conquering soldiers.


Women don't like that stuff??

No, no they don't.

And that is just one more reason why we see the Bible as an awful book.

How about just killing sassy children?

Stop it God.  Just stop.

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