Monday, February 9, 2015

Atheist Haiku of the Month- Valentines Day Edition

Survival of the Slickest

Valentine's was God's
Now it's secular....we're OK.
Can't we change them all?

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  1. I was unable to find any contact or email on your blog, so I hope you don't mind me using the comments to reach you.

    Would you consider sharing my secular kickstarter with your community of free-thinkers?

    Inform your children about Christianity before someone else does: "Christian Mythology for Kids" is a kickstarter to raise money to illustrate and publish a secular kids book (ages 4-12). The book is a paraphrase of the bible and other christian myths from an unbiased secular viewpoint. It is meant to be a tool for families to learn about christianity without the dogma, before they hear those stories accompanied by fear, threats or empty promises from friends or relatives.

    I need lots of support from the secular community for this project to be a success.

    In gratitude,