Sunday, April 18, 2010

Open response to the Ultimate Warrior.

I don't usually blog about politics because it is less about objective evidence and more about opinions and priorities, but the "Ultimate Warrior" has reiterated common Tea Party idiocy that I simply can no longer ignore.

I am all about intellectual honesty and open debate, but when one very public group continues to lie and spread fear through dishonest claims and discourse, it goes against everything that politics and political endeavors SHOULD be about.

I am not talking about misrepresentation, I am talking about abject hatred and lying. I am talking about claims that wrongly strike at the heart of all Americans in our current climate of terror and paranoia.

People who will inflame the nation (shame on your Fox news) with lies just to get their hateful point across. (Shame on you Glenn Beck)

This is an open letter of education for the self appointed "founding father of ring intensity" and legally named "Warrior", and a dissertation for those who are affected by his (and those like him...I am talking to you Chuck Norris) drivel.

A free lesson in the importance of evidence and support for your claims.

First I will address two often repeated and wholly unsupported claims that will example the sort of thing that the Warrior espouses.

Obama is NOT a Muslim. -It shouldn't matter as long as he doesn't involve his religion in politics, but the truth is that he is NOT. They lie to garner the fear of the misinformed masses. Obama's father was raised a Muslim but LONG before Obama was born he rejected his faith and became an avowed atheist. Obama himself has attended a Christian church for 20 years and often spoken of his personal relationship with Jesus. None of this should matter but you should know the truth.

Obama IS American- It is another lie to say that he is not. A misrepresentation of the constitution regarding landed immigrants that they apply (in part and out of context) so that they can garner the indignation of those too lazy to learn the truth for themselves.
He has presented his Certificate of birth and the government has verified his original Birth certificate is on file. Hawaii was part of the US when he was born so, no matter what anyone claims, he is a US citizen by default.

In any case, lets get to the letter. I will post the link to the letter that the Warrior posted and then we can get to his formal education....

Ready Warrior?

I hope that you are as honest as you claim, because I am about to give you the lessons that will aid you in lending your political opinions some credence.


Here we go....

You have fallen victim to the fear mongering and ill informed tea party republicans I am afraid, Mr Warrior.

Lets see where you failed in your support of your own country by spreading lies and immorally pandering to fears through intellectual terrorism, instead of political opinion supported by real evidence.

Lets start by revealing the ignorance in your many claims.

Telling kids to work hard and to succeed is no different than Reagan's message of not doing drugs or Bush Sr's education message to the country. Your accusation of thievery is simply false. VERY high salaries are being taxed SLIGHTLY more so that lower income people can feel the freedom of having instead of constantly giving what they can't afford to. Why is it so terrible that high income people give a bit back to the country that helped be so high income?

Unconstitutional Czars??

Did you know that Czars have been around since the mid 80's under Reagan and were expanded under Bush? They have no executive power and are used as advisers in their particular area of expertise. They are NOT a creation of Obama so blaming him is simply an act of ignorance or a lie and to call them unconstitutional is merely hijacking the term to bolster your point, as there is nothing unconstitutional about having advisers.

Obama is socialist-

What is socialist about Obama? I assume that you are refering to health care?
First I would ask, why ensuring that 41 million uninsured people can live healthy lives is bad? What do you have against those people that they can't have some level of health care too? Or is your beef that it will force the insurance to lower its prices and save everyone money? You don't like lowered deficit?

Why was it not un-american when BUSH suggested guaranteed health care for all children?

Or socialist when Bush promised to help the working poor get the tax credits they deserve?

Why didn't you attack Bush as unconstitutional when he promised to make welfare more accessible for the poor?

Or when he promised to Aid cities with social programs where the poor were more concentrated?

Or when he promised better education funding for low income families?

Why is this? Why didn't you call HIM socialist? He had FAR more plans for social programs than Obama has ever said.

Why not call HIM unconstitutional for expanding the Czar program?

Why not call HIM un-American for doing the very things that you deride Obama for?

While we are at it, how about for lying to the American public about the reasons for entering Iraq?

Do you attack him because he said that American needed change after it had been in the hands of your evangelical president?

Can you tell us what Marxist, Socialist, and Communist even means? I ask this because you use the terms to describe Obama. This is where we get back to your education, pay attention Warrior...

Lets see if you are correct in using these terms, or if you are just being hateful and using terms even though you know they are wrong merely because they will invoke the negative image that you want.


Obamas platform doesn't include anything that addresses the inequities in the labour theory of value, or even any way of reducing the surplus value of the working class exploitation, nor does it say anything about the working class taking governmental power, so I would say that you are using that term out of ignorance of its real meaning, or out of hatefulness to exploit a negative image that the term will evoke.
Either way, you fail on that count.


Obama does not advocate public or direct worker ownership nor does he have any interest in minimizing exchange-values or maximizing use-values nor does he ever speak about transcending (or abolishing) dependence on wage labour and commodity production. Nor has he ever spoken about power being distributed according to amount of work expended in production. Again, clearly you have no idea what socialism means, and you are using the term in a dishonest attempt to garner support against Obama.


Communist? Lets see;

Classes gone? Clearly not as Obama wants the higher tax brackets to pay slightly more taxes, and the lower ones to get a break. Sounds like a pretty clear class delineation to me. As far as an oppression free society is concerned, I suppose that Obama ended the don't ask don't tell oppression of homosexuals in the military so you could make a case there if you really wanted. But do you really want to say that ending discrimination is a bad thing Warrior? Really?

I don't think so. I am sure that you are above that sort of hatred. I suppose that by virtue of him smashing the glass ceiling for African-Americans he has, to a degree, put an end to racial division but again I am sure that you aren't against that. Or at least I hope.

The last one on your list came later....Nazi.

"Literally" national socialism you said.

Is this another cheap attempt at negative imagery to support your cause?
In the interest of intellectual honesty, lets look.
The most important tenets of National Socialism (as published by the Nazi party itself in 1920) were anti-parliamentarianism, pan-Germanism, racism, anti-Semitism, collectivism, social Darwinism, eugenics, anti-communism, totalitarianism, and opposition to economic and political liberalism.

Since the US is not a parliamentary system and your Leader is an elected official that is not an issue.

Pan Americanism? That could be argued to have been a Bush policy, as his brand of international activity has been likened to dominionism as he tries to spread US democracy in countries where it serves his interests best. I wouldn't argue that though because while it is true, it isn't really in the spirit of what the Nazi's meant. It is a moot point though, because Obama has never expressed any dominionist rhetoric.

Racism? His very presence in the white house has minimized racism in the country.

Anti-semitism? None.

Collectivism? There has never been any mention of group rights taking precedence over individual rights. As a matter of fact, his record shows that he is a crusader for individual rights.

Social Darwinism? Never in the history of ANY American administration have their been presidents who have expressed desires to diminish entire races through these means. What a terrible thing to imply. Dishonest and hateful.

SHAME on you Warrior.


You can't be serious. Do you even know what this is??

Anti communism?

Just before you called him a communist, and now you say that he espouses ANTI communism?? Ugh, so much to teach you warrior.
Totalitarianism? Dominating every aspect of even private lives? Sounds more like Bushes home phone invasion policies, but no Obama here.

Really you should look words up in the dictionary before posting them.

Opposition to economic and political liberalism?

ummmmm this is actually the opposite of what Obama has campaigned for. He is liberal.

You are a strange man Warrior, I don't think that you research ANYTHING before you put it out there. Your blog appears to be of the "cut and paste, someone else said it so I will believe it 100%" type.

SO, no Nazi here.

There IS however a dishonest man who is trying to manipulate images and feelings from a racial apocalypse in order to serve his own political leanings.

Immoral, and hateful. Can you at least engage us using facts and not hatred?
"Hitler said, “The intellect has grown autocratic, and has become a disease of life.” He also said, “at a mass meeting thought is eliminated. And because this is the state of mind I require, because it secures to me the best sounding-board for my speeches, i order everyone to attend the meetings, where they become part of the mass whether they like it or not…I speak to them only as the mass.”"

Obama has actually made a policy of taking the questions of individuals (remember Joe the plumber?), no matter their question. So again, you are being false, and this time, because you are using such terrible and manipulative imagery in doing so, you reveal yourself to be sneaky and immoral as well.

"What greater mass of minds to gather than the mushy, undeveloped ones of little children."- Hitler

You actually think that this is what he was doing in addressing the nations children??
What a terrible message to send to them.
Think for themselves, work hard, and to achieve.
Complete their education and make the most of themselves.
You are a good parent for keeping THOSE words from him, that is for sure. (sarcasm) ESPECIALLY considering the fact that Bush Sr gave almost the exact same speech 15 years ago.

Obama is not welcome in your household, in person or through the TV but not for the reasons that you state. It is because he is has said that the US needs change. You didn't think so, you loved your evangelist and warmongering and dominionist president.

The very one who said that he would love to be the "dictator".

Obama brings renewed international respect to the states, and stands for rights of the downtrodden (health care), and the oppressed (abolishing the don't ask don't tell embarrassment)

Hmmm, downtrodden and oppressed? Sound familiar?

Sounds pretty American to me.

Now, don't get me wrong warrior, I am not saying that I am fully supportive of everything that Obama has done, or that I think that he is far better than McCain would have been (although Palin certainly hurt his credibility) but I AM saying that you should research claims for yourself before you form political ideologies around them. Ensure that you are spreading truth with the power of your celebrity.

You have that responsibility, and thus far you have failed.

So go ahead, be conservative, fight against the establishment, hate Obama as a president for his policies, but do so on the basis of truth, and use the power of words for positive conversation.

Your words have power Warrior so, now that you know better..

Bring facts, and not hate.

Now you have no excuse.

Go, learn, form your opinions and get back to us.


  1. DM, this wasn't even a post on religion. Do you even READ the articles that you cut and paste someone elses poorly composed ideas onto?

    I will say it one more time for you.


    Now, PLEASE have an idea of your own, or at LEAST answer the questions that I have asked you in other places where you have posted this same drivel.

    Why do you avoid every question posed to you?

  2. Now I want you to listen to this little f*cker...


    When I see your UGLY FACE I understand why you are an atheist

    the really SHARP END OF OCCAM’S RAZOR…

    they mix SKEPTICISM with ATHEISM…


  3. now I want you to watch this video of DELUSION...

    with the atheists:

    they start begging when they start dying...


    Repent and turn to God or be destroyed...

  4. DM, wow NOW you have revealed your hateful nature.

    Thank you.

    I regret to inform you that hateful threats will neither help your cause, nor make us believe in something that so clearly resembles being non existent.

    "Ugly face"? What are you 5? lol

    I love hatemail like yours DM, it only goes to strengthen my stance and shows the very intolerance and hatred that I write and fight against.

    So for that, I thank you.

    (I don't think that your fellow theists would be so thankful for the representation that you provide)

    Peace....I hope you find it DM.

    I really do.

  5. And one final thing, thank you for sending me to that video. Very true. It is very true.

    We are not as rare as you would like some to think.

    I subscribed.


  6. You've got some SERIOUS issues with your anger, DM!!! Wow!!

  7. Czars have been around in the US a bit longer than the 80s...

  8. Thank you Drantin for the link. Very informative.