Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Secular 10 commandments

After having thought about it for a long time, and having no respect for the biblical 10 commandments I am going to post 10 for a secular society that have far more relevance and meaning than the bibles ever did.

10. Determine what is moral by using your own brain and this simple tenet. Does this action cause harm?

9. Do not buy into any dogmatic belief. Dogma keeps you from making morality decisions.

8. Question everything. Have a healthy respect for evidence and always keep an open mind about your beliefs in case they are wrong.

7. Seek knowledge and recognize that education is the key to understanding. Do not ignore contrary evidence, to the contrary, you should explore it.

6. Do not do to others as you would not want them to do to you.

5. Live each day with joy and wonder.

4. Exercise, and stay healthy.

3. Never be silent in the face of wrong doing. Evil requires nothing but that good men stay silent.

2. Be truthful, even if it is inconvenient and uncomfortable.

1. Do not take these commandments as authoritarian.

It all boils down to "Don't be an ass"

Maybe we should call them 10 Secular suggestions for good and moral living.

Certainly better than the bibles, and less open to harmful interpretation.

What do YOU think?


  1. I do have a question about 10. There are some actions which will cause harm but much less harm then not taking that action. By number 10 it could be said to come to the aid of someone being mugged or raped would be wrong. You might want to change it a little.

  2. Can't we have a commandment for "Talk Like a Pirate Day?" Arrrr.....

    Nicely said. ;-)

  3. That action would fall more clearly into #3. Evil requires that good men do nothing. If you want to apply #10 then I would say that you should use your own brain to determine what is right.

    But I would say that it clearly falls under 3.

    The very fact that you take issue with logical problems in the list shows that you didn't really read the list thoroughly.

    Use your own brain, don't be a dick, and don't take this list as authority.

    Basically think for yourself.


  4. Atheists,

    but you have NO ANSWER TO DEATH... therefore you FAIL...








    Repent and turn to God.

  5. Good list. Much better than the alternatives.

    Also, I second the call for pirate day.

  6. DM if you don't even understand your own argument well enough to do anything but cut and paste someone elses words OR answer simple questions directed your way, I think that we can safely write you off as unable to partake in the discussion. You haven't even done service to your god properly and told us atheists what to repent for or defended your faith as he commands. So this is not only a god fail. But a YOU fail as well
    sorry friend

  7. Hmmm although your one word argument is convincing, you MAY need to expound a bit in order to tell us WHY we are wrong.
    Otherwise others (CLEARLY not me as you one word has transformed me to a believer) might dismiss you as a witless troll.
    Not me though. Your wit and intelligent way of not explaining yourself would disarm dawkins himself.