Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Beyond Belief News- 20 Sept 2010

A woman in Atlanta is showing her love for her child in a very strange way this week.  She is denying her infant the opportunity for doctors to save her life, and she is doing it to avoid angering her god.   Zayna Vamer knows what is best for her children.  She knows that she is right because she did the same thing with her daughters twin a year before.  One daughter turned out ok so it MUST be ok for the other as well.

The issue?  Doctors had to obtain a court order to force the surgery for her other little girl, and she is willing to continue to defy doctors until they force her again now.  
Her only fear is that placing her children in such consistent danger will result in them being taken away.

Read the story here

What a loving parent.

This is a time where freedom of religion should find its limits.
No one should have the right to endanger their children, or ANYONE else because of their personally held beliefs.

She SHOULD fear having her children taken away.  She is allowing personal and unsupported beliefs to endanger them.

That is abuse.

Even though she is well intentioned, her children are in danger.

Right now.

As we speak, she endangers them by being a modern day Abraham and risking her children for the love of her god.

If those are her priorities, then let her have her god.  And let someone else have her kids.

Someone who will love them and be proper parents to them.

As the parent of a beautiful 7 year old boy, I can tell you that nothing is more important than his health and safety.


Not a belief.

Not a god.

Not anything.

And these children deserve to be number one too.

Here is a message to you Zayna.


If your god asks you to risk your children's health, then he is not a god that is worthy of your worship or your obedience.

If God gave you these children, and made you love them as you do, then it doesn't make sense not to question instructions that might risk that love and those children.

Zayna, please!

Stop praying for them, and start thinking for them instead.

If you can't, then I hope that someone takes them from you before you do them harm that can't be undone.

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