Sunday, September 19, 2010

Daily Snippet- Eternal Earthbound Pets

This is simply the funniest thing that I have seen in a long time.

Christians who are waiting patiently for the rapture can now rest assured that their loved pets will be cared for long after their superior and saved souls are gone.

Atheists have promised it.

A group of atheists have decided to make the ultimate business proposition.  Entrust the only people that you are SURE will be left behind with the care of your soulless pets after the rapture.
They have called it Eternal Earth Bound Pets.

Is this a scam?

OF COURSE it is.  They have no intention of actually having to render services, and every intention of taking the money.

However, they are very open about this fact from the outset.  They state very clearly that they are atheists, and as such do not believe in the rapture, but still Christians send money.

Is it deception?

Clearly not.

It IS however a fool and his money, and the cautionary tale about how they are parted.

Moral?  Maybe not

Who could ever claim that taking advantage of delusional people is moral.

But awesome?

I would say unequivocally....



  1. In this particular situation. The Eternal Earth Bound Pets organization is very open and up front about their view on the situation. Even if management "knows" that the rapture will never take place as long as they build the infrastructure to execute their promise if indeed the rapture does takes place they are acting in good-faith. The organization is not actively creating the belief in the rapture so I find no conflict of interest or less than honorable behavior.

  2. I completely agree! They are not doing anything wrong. It is still a
    scam. But as you say (and as I said in the blog) they know that it
    won't happen. So they are taking their money based on the information
    that they have available to them.

    What is funny is that they are completely open about this from the get
    go! They state that they don't believe, they state that they figure
    that they will never have to do it, they state that they figure that
    they are just taking a suckers money.

    The fact remains that they are taking advantage of a group that won't
    care about those things.

    Kind of like kicking a sickly and lonely dog. It won't care as long as
    you are paying attention to it.
    Not entirely ethical, but certainly hilarious. I wish that I was a part
    of it.


  3. Gentlemen,
    Thank you for your kind words of encouragement, and underdstanding of my offering.

    I am happy to report we just expanded into two more states (Alabama and Ohio)and have passed the 225 client mark.

    Obvioudsly we don't "know" the Rapture isn't real/isn't going to happen. But from a probability perspective, we estimate the likelihood of having to fulfill our contracts at approximately 1 in 10 trillion. If it were any more likely, we'd charge considerably more than the $0.90 a month our fee comes to.

    All the best,
    Bart Centre (facebook)
    creator / co-owner EE-BP,USA
    aka Dromedary Hump
    author: The Atheist Camel Chronicles (amazon.comUS)