Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Purple Day Message

I stand in support of Purple Day and in proud support of those who are victimized by hatred and cowardly bullying. 

I make an effort here at Atheist Evolution to take the rational approach and not infringe on the "rights" of anyone to believe whatever they want but this is different.

Usually I just ask for a person to present the evidence and then respond by merely refuting or agreeing, but this is different.

This IS different. Yes you are allowed to speak up, but if your words are hateful, discriminatory or harmful then that respect has to take a backseat to those that you harm.

If you believe that being gay is wrong, or that I am being offensive, then I say "FUCK YOU and your beliefs".

How dare you hide behind religion or "opinion" to spread hate and expect your beliefs to be respected.
How dare you pretend that speaking about those beliefs in public is your right and that it doesn't do harm.
How dare you sit on your moral pedestal and preach the wrongs and immoralities of another person's nature
How dare you defend your right to make baseless assumptions about people and project your OWN awkwardness with sexuality on others who already feel like outsiders.

What I am trying to say is that today, I do not call for you to defend your position.
Today I say FUCK YOU and your beliefs
To hell with your "right" to believe them

Today is about not allowing bigots to judge others because of their own sexual hangups.

Each time you speak your opinion about homosexuality you push another homosexual down into the mire of shame.
Each time you assume that you know about the nature of homosexuals you force another person to feel unnatural.
Each time you fight as though your life depends on it to ensure that two people are not allowed to choose as you can, you force another human being into segregation.

People are DYING because of your beliefs.
They are sitting alone and thinking about the different ways that they can end their LIVES because they feel so alone.

Brothers afraid to speak of their nature to brothers because of how YOU make them fear the response.
Sisters afraid of how their Dad will not love them because of how YOU make them feel abnormal.
Husbands living a lie because of the life into which your words have pigeonholed them.

This goes out to every one of you, even those who think that they harm no one, or that they "love the sinner but hate the sin", or who even just think it is abnormal but don't do anything about it.
For even those who are "moderate" in their hatred are providing the framework of normality for those who are not so moderate in their hate.

Each time someone feels the sting of hatred, is the victim of homophobic violence or, in extreme cases, commits suicide you SHOULD feel shame.

But do you?
No.  You don't.

You blame it on their "troubled lives" or how "mislead" they were.

So here is my message to all you people who think that it is your "right" to believe hateful homophobic things.

FUCK YOU, and your beliefs.

FUCK YOU, and grow up.  

FUCK YOU and understand that I blame each and every homophobic one of you for the pain, the shame, the isolation and the deaths of those who suffered because of your words and your immoral beliefs.

There have been hateful people like you throughout history->

We stood up to them too.

And for for each person who thinks that my language is more offensive than the crime of one more adolescent hiding in shame and considering suicide because of another persons hateful beliefs I have two words for you.


Its time that we were ALL offended by this.

My civility is reserved for those who need to know that they are NOT alone, and that they are as "normal" as any of us.



  2. That was the GAYEST thing I've ever heard...

  3. you need Jesus. I'll be praying for the love of God to touch you and that you don't go to hell for being gay.

  4. I am hoping that you are joking Hershey. Otherwise you are a great example of a hateful Christian, and you can read the last comment that was meant for you and your immoral ilk.

    Any reason other than a 2000 year old book to make you act so hatefully Mr "loving" Christian?

  5. I can't agree. Not because the opinions of bigots, homophobes and racists are worth hearing, but because I want to know who they are.

    I want to be able to shun them, to ostracize them to refuse to patronize their business', to make sure that others know what they think that they too can marginalize them.

    As long as we, the socially liberal ACT as though these people have any sort of power, or any sort of ideology of which we should be afraid then they will continue to hold power.

    WE are giving them the ammunition they need. By the very act of claiming that their stupidity is so powerful that it should not be spoken out loud is giving it a power it doesn't deserve.

    Think of it this way. For years it was taboo to have interracial marriages, but that changed when individuals "came out of the closet" and proudly demonstrated their freedom.

    Now the tide has changed and only a sliver of a marginal and marginalized section of the population would dare to suggest that Blacks and whites can not associates, even in the most intimate ways.

    I want to know who they are so I can mock ridicule and intimidate them, and that is the proper response to that sort of idiocy.

  6. Martin, that is exactly the point of my blog. It is a written admonishment of those hateful people. It is my written "fuck you" that stands in stead of my actual presence
    I don't disagree with a single word of what you have said. Many people have gotten upset by my vitriolic post but those are the people who will say that they will debate the hate but will still respect their opinions. This is only because homosexuals are an invisible minority that can be ignored with no reminders of their forgetful cowardice.
    Stand up to these bigots.
    Yell to the mountain tops that it is not acceptable and call them on their hate whenever they are stupid enough to emote in your presence.

    I agree Martin. Well said.


  7. I was half joking. I stated it in a way that would get my "love" message across but still seem hateful. . . kinda like your blog. What you're saying is that people should accept gays but you are doing it in a mean and hypocritical manner. How can you expect anyone who is against you to listen to you? I'm just your mirror, showing you the hypocrite you are.

  8. Oh and im a ms. and growing up in a world of hate has made me hateful

  9. The very fact that you think it is "hateful" to hate disgusting immoral bigots is very telling. I stand up in defense of those who are hated with an appropriate response.

    What you are saying is exactly like saying that those people who despise and stand up against terrible organizations like KKK are being hateful themselves???


    My words are a response to a terrible and immoral belief that is hurting and in some cases killing innocent people.

    That isn't hypocrisy.

    That is a morally responsible reaction in a society where we should all be standing up againt hateful and harmful people.

    I am sad that you side with the hateful bigots on this one.

    If you are more offended at my vitriol than you are the hate that I rail against then I would suggest that you take a look at your priorities.

  10. And there you have it folks. hershey_mm has shown us the true Christian morality. It's not about love thy neighbour, its about hate in the name of god.

  11. Thank you for this... I am an adviser for a Queer Youth Group and you see it every week in their eyes... They put on a brave facade of being fine, but if you really look at them, you can tell they are screaming for help, for understanding, for acceptance... As a queer woman, myself, _I_ sometimes need the same support. That vitriol carries from adolescence to adulthood and the things you've been told and been called don't just 'disappear' when you grow up or move away...

    So thank you for standing up for what is right.

  12. I have caught a lot of flak for my direct and vitriolic approach to this sort of hatred, and most of it is trying to equate RESPONDING to hate with hate itself.

    I don't think that anyone would decry someone responding to bigotry, racism, or any other sort of social abuse in this way, so why then do some people get offended when we respond to gay bashing this way?

    Because it is a "belief" and not just a bigotry. Because it is informed by a source that is usually left from critical examination.

    To all the people who called ME a hateful person for responding to the immoral and hateful homophobes out there, YOU are part of the problem....

    and figure out which two words I have for you too.

    @tiffany- You are welcome, although no one should have to thank someone for something that should be the norm. Thank YOU for your comment!