Sunday, October 10, 2010

Thanksgiving Thoughts

This is a day that is set aside in our culture for thinking about how fortunate we are.

Usually it is partnered with religious thought, but it needn't be, and I would say that it is more appreciative when observed in a secular manner.

Appreciate your wife, appreciate your family, appreciate your friends, appreciate any fortune that fell your way this year, but if you send those thanks to someone, send them to those who deserve them.

Who is responsible for your friends, your family, and your life?

Your friends, your family and YOU.

Love is compatibility made more intense by shared and positive experience.

Who made it positive?
Who got you that job?
Who made your life worth giving thanks?

YOU did.

Your friends did.

Your wife did.

Your children did.

Thank them and leave the omnipotent entities out of it, pretty sure he didn't control those people and make them love you and I am pretty sure he gets enough attention thrown his way already without stealing kudos meant for other people.

So don't ignore the important people in your life by giving thanks to someone you have never met for things he never did.


Take a bow for what you did, say "I love you" to those who love you, and enjoy the company of those who make your life fantastic.

Peace and Love


theist or not,

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Perfect! Absolutely perfect! If the rest of the world felt this way we would live in an entirely different world. I think a world that I would be far happier in.

    Michael Brinkley

  2. Hey Micheal! Glad to see a fellow blogger here. For those who read this, read his blog. Very poignant. Great stuff.

    If you want to see the evolution of a better blog, read his.