Monday, November 15, 2010

Questions Asked- "Are Atheists the Arrogant Ones??"

Here is a question to all the Abrahamic religions today-

Just for a better concept of scale let me set the stage for it....

The universe is 14 billion years old.
There are 400 billion stars in this galaxy alone and over 100 billion other galaxies containing an equal amount.

That is a pretty big place!

How small are we?  How self important are the Abrahamic religions to think that we are the most important things in it?

How ridiculous is it for theists to continue to call we skeptics closed minded and arrogant for asking for evidence?


Only 22% is not covered by water on our planet and of that only  15% is actually habitable. So the entire universe is created for one species of creature among billions living on only 15% of one small planet in one small solar system in one small galaxy?   Egocentric?

You claim that all that time and all that space with all those hundreds of thousands of billions of stars was created for one mammalian species among millions on one small planet in one small solar system (just because you belong to that species) yet I'M the arrogant one for thinking the universe might be grander than that?

You claim to know the will and personality (let alone the name) of the being that created all that time and space yet I'M the arrogant one for asking for evidence?

You claim to be made in this perfect beings image yet I'M the arrogant one. You claim to be able to telepathically communicate with this being yet I'M the arrogant one for wondering?

You claim that you were born into the one religion or belief among millions of religions and that yours just happens to be the right one, and I'M the arrogant one?

You claim that the creator of the entire universe alters reality, controls minds, and pushes events to change merely because you think to yourself that it would be nice, and promise to love him (prayer) and I'M the arrogant one?  

While you are thinking about that....

Here is my last thought.

According to all the Abrahamic religions God created a universe of billions of billions of stars with many planets each, and that he is actually concerned about the sexual habits of one specific mammalian species on only 15% of one specific planet in one specific solar system in one specific galaxy and sometimes about the cloth (Hijab, yammukah, or headscarf) that they wear on their craniums? 


Pretty self important claims, yet I am the arrogant one?

I think that you might have some thinking to do.

Better get to it!


  1. Ah, logic! Seeing it used well is refreshing, Thanks. - Dusty

  2. I try. I was corrected on one point though. There are millions of species of ANIMALS, not mammals. There are considerably fewer species of mammals. (that only makes my point MORE salient)

    Thanks Reddit!

  3. I would like that on my tombstone

  4. Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what most of them haven't. In Jason we have a modern day Columbus.

  5. Well I wouldn't go THAT far.... I can barely find my way around a typo or two. :)

  6. In case the religioso want to know where we are, we are on the third planet, in the Sol system, in the Orion Arm of the Milkyway Galaxy, in The Virgo Super Cluster. In other words We are in the Boon docks of our Galaxy. We are cosmic trailer trash. :-)

  7. lol, that is certainly true! Considering our tiny place in the universe as one mammal race among millions of animals, among billions of creatures on one small planet in one small solar system in one small galaxy we really believe in a god who is concerned with how short our females hem their skirts or how often (and with who) we engage in mating activitites?