Thursday, August 4, 2011

Beyond Belief News -Toronto Police Enforce Sharia Law (or -"Shame on you Toronto PD!")

Out of respect for Islam, all Muslims have been photoshopped out.

This is my second post in a row about religious nonsense in Canada. 
This one is about a local writer, David Menzies, and his experience with the local ninjabi's and city photography.

How can the mixture of two such innocent topics make for a good article you ask?

PLEASE ask! (pretty sure the gun is a cigarette lighter..)

Mr Menzies was busily having a great afternoon with his son, eating pizza, drinking bubble tea, taking photographs of the downtown area, when he was surprised by an angry mob of Muslims led by two Ninjabis.  (Can't call them that you say?  Read on...)

What malfeasance mobilized this mob of miffed and maddened Muslims?

A woman speaking her mind?  No, not this time.

They were offended because they had been caught in a random picture that he took of the downtown area.

Pictured- Free Muslim.

“We are Muslim! You do not take pictures of us!”

When he responded that he was free to take pictures of whomever he pleased in an open and free democracy, he was met with the only rational response left to a law abiding citizen.

POW!! Right in your rationality.

She punched him in the face. 


That was her answer to having her picture taken in public.  He was hit so hard that he almost dropped his camera.  It was at this point that he felt he and his son might be in danger as the mob closed in and the din of them yelling at him demanding to have his camera grew to untolerable levels.

This is where the situation goes beyond belief. 

He saw a policeman.


Once he broke through the mob to his law enforcing savior, he discovered how far "religious tolerance" actually takes us.

The policeman dismissed his complaint despite the fact that an arabic speaking couple offered their witness to the event as he told it.

Apparently assault means something different if it comes from a religious motivation.  At least the Toronto Police think so. 

Does Sharia law hold sway with our law enforcement?

Have our protectors decided that protecting a belief is now more important than protecting it's citizens?

The policeman on the scene said that it was his opinion that the woman was only trying to break his camera, and not trying to punch him.


How is this any better? 
It is still assault to lay your hands on another person with intent to destroy their personal property under Canadian law and now she has admitted attempted theft as a motivation for this assault!

What was the result?

No charges, no report filed, no protection from physical assault offered.

Why am I letting her punch you?  Because Fuck You is why.

Do we now have Sharia masters who sit in the background ensuring that we all covertly adhere to our new god and religion?

Do we now find ourselves slaves to the beliefs of others as enforced by the belief police?

Or do we now have a police force who is too cowardly to get involved in a "situation" that will result in bad press by getting Muslims (or any religious folk) up in arms?

We can't protect you if you offend our true masters.  (pssst, it's the News)

All I know is that for the second day in a row, I am shocked and dismayed by my own countrymen. 

Shame on you Toronto Regional Police. 

Shame on you.

In a city so full of diversity, it is even more important that you represent the law and not let one minority's needs hold sway over anyone else's rights. 

No matter what they believe,
No matter what they want,
No matter how many hours they must spend praying to atone,

taking pictures is in a public area is NOT illegal. (just ask the Toronto Police, who have videocameras set up in that very area)

And assault is.

You are not there in uniform to make decisions based on your own moral compass or opinions about how to respect other religions wants and desires.  We have no desire to have an official or unofficial observation of any blasphemy laws in our country. 

Sharia law only applies to the countries that observe this immoral code, and those who decide to live by it.

And those people are Muslim men and their slaves, I mean loving wives.

We are free in Canada and expect to be treated as such.

You are there to enforce the law and to protect the citizens, not to avoid bad press.

This time, you failed on both counts.

And put forward a pretty ugly precedent in the process.


  1. It`s why NWA and Tupac both said F the Police. :P

  2. No kidding. This is the second day in a row I have been saddened and surprised at Canadian public nonsense. This is the worst thing I have heard in a while

  3. Religion is this dangerous when it is not involved in State politics. Danger exists for us all if any of these religious groups really get their asses into seats of political power.