Sunday, March 7, 2010

A message (and some advice) to all the young earth creationists out there.

If the universe is less than 10,000 years old, then;
all that we know about geology and biology is wrong;
the speed of light has been wrongly calculated which means;
Einsteinian physics is wrong and;
the distance and speed of other galaxies has been wrongly calculated,which means that all we know about astronomy is wrong which means that;
Newtonian physics is also wrong.

"For ...informed people to challenge accepted scientific orthodoxy on the basis of proper evidence is always healthy, but to debunk the whole of science on the back of a story passed down by some Iron Age goat-herders is just self-delusion" -Niel Butcher

There is just too much evidence against the universe being only 10000 years old or less. This is not belief, it is purposeful delusion to espouse this as a belief.

It is true...FACT...not up for debate....

It is one thing to argue about things that can't be proven or falsified in the name of your "beliefs", it is quite another to ignorantly tread into the realm of what we know to be fact and yell at the top of your lungs "LIAR!".

We may not be able to tell you with certainty that there is no god, but there are a few things that we CAN say for certain.

The flood didn't happen;
Evolution is true and;
The earth isn't less than 10,000 years old.

To all those who still believe this (to the harm and detriment of you and your children) I will dare to tread into the metaphysical realm where beliefs are not required to be supported by evidence and yell at the top of MY lungs......



  1. I think you have forgotten to take into account that many christians will say that their god can do anything and he created the light from the distant suns where they would be at the 10000 light year mark. I have also heard them say that god can increase and decrease the speed of light as he wishes. It is all there to test their faith.

  2. I haven't forgotten that at all. I have certainly heard that nonsense before.

    My answer is, why would he do that and then have all the personal appearances and miracles that he was supposed to have done so many years ago in the biblical times, if he was trying so hard to hide himself?

    Why too would the only unforgivable sin be not believing in his existence if he had set up the universe in such a way as to prove he wasn't real?

    Clearly they are grasping at straws to say such things.

    A bit sad really