Monday, March 15, 2010

What would YOU do if you were god?

How would YOU design creation?

Would you hide yourself?

Would you make your words open to abuse and interpretation?

Would you include terrible stories to be told in your name?

Would you make creatures whose very existence is to make another being suffer?

Would you make the reproductive act so very enjoyable and then cover it with guilt and have it end in the most painful of experiences?

Would you create beings who would fight each other and kill each other for petty reasons?

And would you be so insecure a supreme being as to care so deeply about being loved by them that you would torture them forever if they decided not to like you, or even believe you existed?

Or would you do something different?

I would give my creations a stable world to live in, one without unpredictable volcanoes and fault lines, without destructive weather patterns, and without conditions that were so harsh that they can and would kill those left in them. I just wouldn't THINK of making my creations world a harsh and inhospitable environment. Seems mean.

I would give them the ability to see me, and know that I was real, or to hide myself so completely that they wouldn't know I was there at all. This seems to be the way to keep them from dividing themselves along the lines of misunderstanding about me.

I would design bodies that were more efficient. Eyes that saw with no blind spot. Knees that were meant to withstand the rigors of being upright. A spine that was more curved so as to absorb shock more fully. I would not invent disease in the first place. To design a body that inherently causes pain in those who inhabit them seems malicious.

I would give them the gift of free thought, and then not punish them for using it. I would merely reveal to them, while they were living, why it might not be the best choice, and how it affects others. To give anything but the best mentoring to those in your charge seems irresponsible.

I would love them all equally, and ensure that wars and hatred didn't exist in my name. When people were in need, I would speak to them, and tell them that it will be ok. I mean appear individually and talk. Not just send a "feeling" of not being alone. I real tangible talk. Something that would assist in the healing process and not just drive a person to deeper delusion.

I would honour evidence and a robust standard of science. This would be the highest use of the free will and intellect that I could imagine, and I would honour those people who helped their race by discovering new and fascinating ways to interact with reality as saints. For it would be them who truly appreciated what I had given them.

I would ensure that women enjoyed guilt free sex, and understood that sex has no moral component. It would be my gift to them, and a gift that is to be enjoyed equally by men and women.

I would not enjoy seeing people on their knees nearly as much as I would enjoy seeing them on their feet, laughing, jumping, kissing, laughing, and singing.

That would be the whole point of MY creation, so see them loving and living as though it was a gift, and not one to be wasted in servitude but to be spent in the rapture of joy before coming to my house to watch the joy of all those who come after.

In short, my creation would make sense, make love, respect science, love life and live in the light of love of one another.

Doesn't that sound better?

What would YOU do?


  1. I thought very briefly about calling it, WWJD. What would Jason do?


  2. If I was some all powerful perfect being why would I do anything? I don't believe that a perfect being would want or need anything. If I was perfect and did create something it would be perfect and there would be no mistakes that have to be corrected.

  3. You could not be more right. He is wanting nothing if he is perfect and complete.

    Even so the exercise is to point out all the flaws in the design, and to show how much sense reality makes if there is NO design.

  4. I'm god on formspring:

    I'm much better at it than that bible dude, if I do say so my self.

    (excellent post, btw. Hi, I'm a random stranger on the internet who you just followed on Twitter, so I thought I'd stop by and say something irreverent :)

  5. I like the alternate title "WWJD"! Funny! Great blog, by the way!

  6. At the very least I'd apologize for the natural disasters and admit that I had been drinking on the job.