Saturday, May 28, 2011

God is Immoral- Part 1

Next we'll go for beers and watch people drown in Africa

So many theists give apology to a god who would CHOOSE not to protect his "flock" that I felt compelled to write something about it.   It bothers me when people praise his good and loving nature for things like saving a child from a flood. 

Why not save them all? 

Or even prevent the flood from ever happening?

I can't reconcile a loving and merciful god with a god who would pick only one child from a natural disaster to save as his demonstration of that love.  That child has lost his parents, his home, all of his friends and everything that ever mattered to him/her so what has god achieved by picking that one individual out while ignoring the prayers and lives of all of the other victims?

Is it a message?  What an immoral message.

How about the millions of abortions that he performs each week?

How about disease epidemics?

How about the animals created ONLY to live off the suffering of others?

How about the lack of a real easily distinguishable moral code?

Why do apologists find miracles and faith in the few that he allows to survive the deaths that he designed for so many others?

I find it disgusting to think of being supplicant to a being who would play such nefarious and immoral games with our very lives.

And finally, I find it reprehensible that theists support the idea of Hell.

God made hell for people who don't like him because fuck you is why.

By doing so you are agreeing with a policy of torture and infinite pain for the crime of simply not loving your god enough. 
What a terrible, immoral, evil and despicable thing to support.

What I will say is this;

If God is real, he is the biggest and most evil bastard that the world has ever known and even has another evil player (the devil) working for him to try and tempt us to find out how vast his fury really is.

If one day I found out that this christian God actually exists, I STILL wouldn't bend a knee to him.  This concept of a God is immoral and his "creations" are vastly morally superior to their supposed creator.

Shame on you theists for siding with such a creature.

(Good thing he isn't real, for all our sakes!)



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