Saturday, May 14, 2011

Wasilla High School Principal Bans Rock Legend's Song at Grad

WHS Principal Dwight Probasco has revealed himself publically this week as a homophobe and a bigot. Earlier this week he heard from a parent that Queen lead singer Freddy Mercury was gay, and decided that was enough reason to ban their song "Bohemian Rhapsody".

Just figured that out now??


It contains no reference to homosexuality and is certainly not a cry for LGBT rights or even a criticism of the religion that so hates the idea of human rights for all.

It is simply a classic rock song.

An iconic song, and one that the students decided that they wanted to represent them at graduation by having their choir sing it. Mr Probosco, however, doesn't care about the content of the song, only about the sexuality of the person singing it. Why would he even care about the sexuality of the person singing the song if it doesn't have an LGBT message? Does he think that the writer's sexuality might somehow rub off on the students through his words like osmosis? Or does he just want to ignore everything that homosexuals do even outside their bedroom activities?

Ban songs written by them?

Keep them from living in his neighborhood?

Is he attempting to wipe them from his personal experience of the world?

Maybe he would rather they play something staunchly heterosexual like Fat Bottomed Girls.
Who knows how THIS would affect them though...

Let's be clear.

This has nothing to do with his view on Freddy Mercury's sexuality. The song is completely unconnected to that issue.

It has to do with hate.

He hates gays and doesn't want even a simple reminder that they exist near him.

To be fair, his students were not hurt by his bigotted actions as they stepped up and informed the ACLU and contacted a human rights lawyer. When the hateful principal learned of the steps his students were taking to defy him, he backed off his hate pretty quickly.

Although not completely.

He still wants the line "Mama, I just killed a man" left out of their performance.

We can only assume that he figures that will keep them from becoming serial killers.

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